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I'm up silly-early again. But I went to bed earlyish (11pm at the latest) and napped during the day. Not too surprising. I've been sleeping a LOT recently.

Noodle soup and wontons for breakfast. The wontons looked pretty bad, but I quite liked them. Might try the har kau tomorrow!

Need to look up train and bus times so I can go and see Pressgang later. Looking forward to it! I've not been out properly in a few weeks and I've not seen Pressgang live in ages.

Had some nice-sounding news about something I'm not-talking-about earlier. Made me happy!

Did a little eBay shopping earlier in the week. Bought a very nice guitar lead and new strings for my acoustic 12 string (because it's been a 10-string for as long as I've had it...) as well as a new MP3 player. The one I have is ok, but the on/off button is dodgy. So to turn it on I have to unlock it (with my fingernail, because the button to that broke too...) and put the battery in. To turn it off, I take the battery out. The one I bought is pretty similar to the one I've already got, but (hopefully) newer and not broken. And it was nice and cheap!

The snow is finally starting to go. It's slow progress, but it's clearing. It's getting slightly warmer too. Glad about that - as pretty as snow is, I hate being stuck here. I hate being stuck anywhere really.


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