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I'm up silly-early again. But I went to bed earlyish (11pm at the latest) and napped during the day. Not too surprising. I've been sleeping a LOT recently.

Noodle soup and wontons for breakfast. The wontons looked pretty bad, but I quite liked them. Might try the har kau tomorrow!

Need to look up train and bus times so I can go and see Pressgang later. Looking forward to it! I've not been out properly in a few weeks and I've not seen Pressgang live in ages.

Had some nice-sounding news about something I'm not-talking-about earlier. Made me happy!

Did a little eBay shopping earlier in the week. Bought a very nice guitar lead and new strings for my acoustic 12 string (because it's been a 10-string for as long as I've had it...) as well as a new MP3 player. The one I have is ok, but the on/off button is dodgy. So to turn it on I have to unlock it (with my fingernail, because the button to that broke too...) and put the battery in. To turn it off, I take the battery out. The one I bought is pretty similar to the one I've already got, but (hopefully) newer and not broken. And it was nice and cheap!

The snow is finally starting to go. It's slow progress, but it's clearing. It's getting slightly warmer too. Glad about that - as pretty as snow is, I hate being stuck here. I hate being stuck anywhere really.
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There's a book I'm going to need very soon for my course, I bought it online a few weeks ago and it's still not here. I've been working around the bits I need it for, but I'm slowing up now because I'm going to end up in a mess if I don't go back and go over them soon. Annoying.

Got an email saying Pressgang are going to be on Celebrity Big Brother this Friday. What? Pressgang are the most un-Big-Brothery band in the history of ever! It makes me smile that me and Dave said "except Blyth Power!" at the same time when we talked about this earlier!

Watched a rahter good documentary about Hawkwind on YouTube earlier. But it was slightly fuzzy (totally watchable though) and I didn't have my glasses on. I thought it had Lemmy captioned as "Bassist - 1927-1925" I know they're old, but daaaamn.

MFC is failtastic at the moment. The Holocaust denial thread (I know...) is pissing me off no end. The bloke who started it's arguement is pretty much "Huur duur, I watched a video and it totally said it's all made up guys!" I really hope he discovers the joys of Icke and dissapears up his own turqoise shell-suited bum. Soon. Also is the arguements about goth - which are always going to be hilarious! Some of these have included "real goths never wear leather!", "Fields of the Nephilim can't be a goth band because I don't like them!", "FotN look rediculous which is why I don't listen to them! I only listen to good-looking bands like the Cure!", "Cyber goths are rappers in leather jackets!" and "you're all totally biased against goths because you WON'T TALK ABOUT COWBOYS!!!".
Yeah. There's some oatloops about on there...

Had a weird dream that I was looking down on the coast of Russia and watching whales. Also I was eating poached eggs and toast while sitting inside a broken bed-frame in a club/warzone. I was trying to hide the eggs because I didn't want them.

I've been meaning to cook pizza all day, but I don't seem to have gotten around to wanting to eat yet. Maybe later.


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